Saubern UVC electronic sterilizer – a shield against COVID-19

Saubern – a portable electronic sterilizer about the size of a tissue box can cleanse your mobile phones in just a few minutes providing a shield against COVID-19. It uses a UVC electronic light irradiation technology  where a high precision and specific intensity, wavelength , frequency of the spectrum of light has been laboratory tested to deactivate DNA of almost all microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, the infamous corona and COVID-19 as well as a vast variety of pathogens worldwide.

You can wash your hands with 90% alcohol based soap sanitizer 20 times a day to feel safe. You can wear better quality 3M KN95 Mask to feel protected. However, that is not enough in a world affected by COVID-19. Scientific laboratory testing has confirmed one of our worst fears! The largest carrier of disease bearing germs worldwide is the ubiquitous, the omnipresent mobile phone.

Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona confirms that a typical mobile phone carries 10 times more germs than the toilet seat. Mobile phones are the most frequently owned and used electronic devices worldwide. Disinfection or even cleaning of phones is problematic as the excess moisture could damage them. Liquid damage will void your mobile phone warranty. The good news is that human innovation has found a solution!

Saubern proves effective for inactivation of viruses and bacteria and can prove to be a high tech innovation in infection prevention products and solutions in the COVID era. An independent test center that performs environmental, food and life science testing for businesses performed the efficacy testing. 

Saubern is the only portable UVC product on the market with proven technology and results, which gauges the accurate dosage of UVC light required to incapacitate viruses in the box while accounting for variables such as size of product, surface reflectivity and contents. The device delivers a measured amount of UVC light eliminating remaining pathogens in the box.

Germany Japan USA are World leaders in Research & development & have made big strides in developing UVC lighting technology to help sterilize a large variety of personal valuables. You can sterilize your wallet, currencies, credit cards, spectacles, car keys, wristwatches, jewelry, ear pods, pacifiers, combs brushes and a wide range of personal valuables. For more info visit their website.